Residential Investigations

We will come to your home and investigate. We are in the Tampa Bay area, so would like to stay around there, but will consider any case. We will provide you our findings no more than a month later, typically sooner. We provide this service free of charge but are open to tips to pay for gas and other travel expenses.

Charity work or Public speaking

Depending on workload, we may beĀ available to do pubic speaking events and/or charity events. Example - We come to a school to teach the children about the paranormal.


Depending on workload, we may be available to attend events. If you are hosting a paranormal event and want us represented, please contact us so we can work on the details.


Experianced, respected

Let us be the one to show you some answers.

Looking to join?

We are currently interviewing new members, please use the contact us link above to get the process started.